I used Roundleaf to help pay off my overwhelming Credit Card debt. I worked closed with Richard. I had a great experience and really appreciated how quickly he responded to any of my needs/concerns and questions. Especially during Covid when I wasn’t working, Richard was able to be flexible and reasonable with so many unforeseen obstacles. I highly recommend Roundleaf!   Erin Q.

felt like I was drowning in debt. I wanted to push my life forward and I didn’t know how I would manage. I was super embarrassed to talk about it too. I found Roundleaf, and I wasn’t sure how they could fix my situation. After less than a year I’m proud to say, I just qualified for a home loan…during Covid. Roundleaf knocked out my debt and I was able to boost my credit score. Did I mention I have better spending habits now too?   Mey Lyn M.

The team at Roundleaf is both professional and efficient. They were able to help navigate us through financial collapse to financial clarity. They explained the process through an overview appointment, follow up in person and phone conferences, and detailed spreadsheets indicating how the process was progressing. They took a lot of the stress out of an uncomfortable situation and put it on themselves.  We would not have been able to navigate these rough waters without their guidance. Plus they didn’t seem to mind breaking down the process in bite-size, lay person language. We can’t thank you enough!     Kathy D.

I just finished paying off my last settled account thanks to Connor, Richard and the whole Roundleaf team. I started this journey about 3 years ago. It’s been quite a ride to say the least. I am sooo relieved and happy to say that I am DEBT FREE for the first time since owning my first credit card! Thank you to the Roundleaf team for all your efforts in making this a reality. Now the credit build up journey begins.   Junior M.

Went to Richard the first meeting and gave me a full credit report and ran through how the program would work and the process and estimated time it would take for me to improve my credit score. Did have to pay a certain percentage of the overall balance outstanding, but it is a service and well paid off.
A solid year later, Richard and his team helped me out improve my credit score and opportunity to qualify for a loan to buy a house.  Thanks Roundleaf!   J. Carlos

Richard and his team did an excellent job helping my close, older relative with their financial situation. They unfortunately ended up with a lot of accrued debt which left them to the point that they were not able to feasibly pay back due to personal hardships. Roundleaf negotiated and helped with settling the debt in an approximate 1+ year timeframe through a structured process with very creative solutions. My relative is now debt-free, less stressed, and has already started rebuilding their credit.     Laila W.

I had the “new year, new me” mindset, and was thinking about buying a home in the next few years. Although when I was younger, I wasn’t the best with managing my money and I didn’t understand credit too well. I found Roundleaf on Yelp and  spoke with Richard in January. I was extremely uncomfortable even thinking about my credit history but Richard was super supportive, reassuring, and professional. He pulled my credit report and emailed it over to me so he could walk me through how to read it. I’m glad he did that because there were several things I never noticed!From there, he came up with a game plan for me and a timeline and what my credit score could end up being after he resolves my past mistakes. Within the next couple of months, I received notification on which accounts he was working on and the status. Within 2 months, my credit jumped +20 points, and within 3 months it  went up +60 points total! I was in shock. I couldn’t believe how quickly years of stress melted away by Richard and his team in such a short amount of time. They are great with follow up, and are extremely kind! (Also this was all done over the phone/email/text!!) I am forever grateful to Roundleaf!   Angelica A.